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My office has been enrolled in the ARAG Attorney Group since 2005, and I've been able to help many employees of Microsoft and other companies with their estate planning needs through ARAG. You can find the information below, and other information, on the ARAG Group website. Please call me at (425) 861-1109 if you are enrolled and would like to make an appointment.

What is a legal plan?

A legal plan can be compared to health insurance in two important ways:

  1. Protection from loss in the event of a legal situation: Just as health insurance covers doctors’ fees when you have a health issue, a legal plan covers attorneys’ fees when you have a legal issue. It's like having an attorney on retainer.
  2. Prevention of the occurrence of legal situations: A legal plan helps you gain and maintain your "legal health" – thus preventing future legal problems – by offering coverages for legal "preventive maintenance" services (examples: attorney services for the preparation of wills, living wills, financial powers of attorney, etc.).

Why is legal coverage important?

Life is becoming increasingly complicated and expensive. Today, if you have dependents and/or assets, you have legal exposure – whether you’re addressing it or not. What’s more, legal costs are beginning to spiral out-of-control. You’ve worked hard for what you have. Why not give yourself peace of mind to know you’re protected?

Why ARAG legal coverage is important.

  • The coverage: ARAG gives you easy access to professional attorneys and a host of related legal services; for most matters you pay nothing (beyond the affordable premium and costs such as fax, postage, court filing fees, etc.) to work with attorneys.
  • The company: ARAG is unmatched in breadth and depth of experience; our parent company has been the world leader in legal plans for more than 70 years.

    Contact your benefits office for enrollment information.

If you want more information about ARAG coverage, contact the ARAG Group Customer Care Center at 800-247-4184 or e-mail them at

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